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Most Popular Digital Media Topics in 2019

Thank you everyone for an amazing 2019, we reviewed our top most read, listened and engaged with content and below are the top 4 topics for your knowledge!   Check out the posts and podcasts!  

The Importance of Your Online Branding

How to create the best social media strategy for your business and brand

NEWS! Instagram Will Begin Hiding Total LIKES in the USA Starting November 2019!

Personal Development: Why It Matters


How to create the best social media strategy for your business and brand

Learn effective and key elements to building a successful social media strategy for your business or brand.

Personal Development: Why It Matters.

I'm a firm believer in personal development for personal and career reasons.   Continuously learning new things and skills can always enhance your performance professionally and in life.   I've had experience working in many areas of media starting my career off in television as an intern and then working my way  up to producer for an Emmy winning talk television shows.  I later moved into documentary programming and writing, which enabled me to move into the digital space, where most content was starting to move in to.

 In those years in order to learn the digital space, I put myself into the trenches of learning all about digital media by producing my own content.  Around 2008 I started my first blog called, Italian American Girl, which featured all content about growing up Italian American.   I produced a ton of content in a short time span and then began experimenting onto social media.  Myspace first, Facebook later, Twitter and Youtube were the front-runners, amazing to see that Twitter and Youtube are still the dark horses that in my opinion will win the social media race in the end.   As I moved into the digital media world, I expanded my knowledge of traditional media and began to experiment with content on every platform, which also forced me to produce for the medium.  Today when you hire someone to work in digital media, you have to ask them if they know all the platforms, and can they produce traditional to customized for each, its a very rare skill(s) and no not that many people take the time to learn the platforms, their capabilities, or their metric systems.   As I moved from producing in tradition TV to digital, I learned on my own and basically became self taught. 

My first experience with social media experts was while visiting the infamous Gary Vaynerchuk at this store in Springfield, N.J., where he was just starting to talk about how he used social media to scale his father's liquor's store to e-commerce.  Gary is now a gazillionaire, and I believe I may have made into one of his first books where they featured a whole video on line.   Point is, if you want to succeed in this space or any other industry you must continuously learn, you must take the time to learn what, why and how new technology or trends are effecting the world,  Self taught and surrounding yourself with those who are succeeding at the experiments is the only way to go.  If you preach you must practice.

The Importance of Your Online Branding

Margaret Fontana of
Margaret Fontana Media
photo by Margaret Casperson 

Creating new content often and consistently is an important element to maintaining a successful online presence.  What you portray and package for your brand is ultimately how and why other company's and or brands want to do business with you.    A great way to keep your content fresh and consistent is to schedule photos and videos either of you, your team or your brand's features and stories.   Some other important things to remember are most consumers will online research first before they even get to you, so where is the number one place they do that..?  Google of course.   Make sure you are tagging, adding captions, so Google can index your photos and properly serve them up when someone does a search in your field, service or product.  Remember in today's world of algorithms and online reputation, a picture is worth a thousand a words or a thousand or more dollars, you want to create value and obviously you want more than a thousand, LOL.  That's the expression.

Here's a brief summary from Social Media Today that outlines a bit more on this topic of personal branding. 

Latest Podcast - How To Break Into The TV & Film Biz

Did you ever wonder how people get those amazing jobs on film or on a TV show? Listen to my latest episode where I share my personal experiences in production and how an internship on a TV comedy pilot changed my life. Learn why networking and building great relationships are so important to your career. Learn more by listening to my most recent podcast below.


New Podcast - Best Performing πŸ“Š Content For #FACEBOOK

New Report Looks at Optimal Facebook Posting Practices in 2019

Facebook is far from over... Learn which types of digital content perform best for Facebook along with times and engagement. Via Social Media Today: 1. Video is the best performing post type - Video remains the best performing post type on the platform, generating some 59% more engagement than other post types. 2. Evenings are the best times post 3. Weekends see the most engagement 4. Shorter posts perform better Listen to my podcast here:

In Partnership with Margaret Fontana Media - Seven13 Films and Rider University Youth Symposium with Trenton Mayoral Candidates.

Margaret Fontana With Joseph A. Halsey of Seven13 Films 

The role of impacting producing has increasingly become one of the most important jobs in the production world next to Director, DP, and notable others.

What is impact producing? This role has most recently evolved due to the nature of the digital and online world surrounding broadcast and distribution in the film and media industries. The need for someone who knows public relations, partnerships, community organizing, event production, marketing, brand strategy, media landscape and social media. This past year I partnered with Seven13 films for a few projects all taking on the role as impact producer. The Rider event allowed us to explore more areas of production, marketing and not for profit partnerships. Here's more on the film:

Margaret Fontana With Joseph A. Halsey of Seven13 Films 

Directed and produced by Joseph A. Halsey and written and produced by Lee Kolinsky, of Seven13 Films, the docuseries
Generation Change was created with a mission to increase social awareness about issues affecting our local youth. The film features Good Morning America’s Adrienne Bankert and youths from the organization PEI Kids of Trenton, N.J.

Our goal for this screening event involved many moving pieces ultimately to partner with a media class at Rider University to allow for the student to grow and gain a sense of experiential learning in producing and promoting a live screening event. The second goal was to engage the local community to create dialogue on current social issues. These issues were the very platform each Mayoral candidate was campaigning.

 Overall, we surpassed our expectations due to the overwhelming positive response we received from higher education, political spheres, media, and community sectors. The students produced one of the best events, which ultimately landed us on the front page of the Trentonian, next day.

To recap, what is impact producing? The goal is to create a positive impact by bringing all the moving pieces together and creating a cohesive, strategic initiative.

Using Instagram Stories To Boost Your Brand, Product or Service

Using Instagram to boost your brand, service or product may be one of the most important things you do for your social media strategy.  Instagram is one of the fastest growing social networks, with the highest engagement.   Stories is now being used across Instagram and Facebook, performing at a very high engagement rate.   Below are some stats to confirm why you should be using Instagram and Facebook stories to boost your brand.  Below the stats is one of my most listened to podcasts all about Using Instagram Stories to Boost Your Brand. Go check it out. 

  1. Over 60% of users log in daily, making it the second most engaged network after Facebook.
  2. The biggest demographic group are males between 18 – 24 years old, while 60.4% of all users are aged between 18 and 24.
  3. 35% of US internet users are now on Instagram.
  4. 300M users interact with Instagram Stories daily.

How To Build Your Online Brand - Listen To My Podcast

Here is the basic foundation to getting started on building your online brand: 

  1. Define who you are, let your consumers know the authentic you.
  2. Define your values, this will also increase authenticy to your brand.
  3. Define your audience and their needs, how can you bring them value. 
  4. Build your assets: film video, take photos, create images, graphics, craft strategic messages.  Creating value in your content is one of the most important elements to online success. 
Listen Below For More on How To Build to Your Online Brand:

State of Social Media 2019

Here's some great information from Buffer on the the State of Social Media 2019.   Interesting information for 2019 regarding ads, Instagram and Facebook story ads. 

Brands are riding the organic stories wave. Stories ads are the next frontier.
The Stories format has taken the social media industry by storm, and data suggests that more than one billion accounts now use stories globally on Facebook-owned properties.

Messaging apps are still overlooked by almost three-quarters of brands.
Social media has become a lot more private in recent years, with many people choosing to share, and communicate via one-to-one messages or small group chats on platforms like WhatsApp and Messenger.

Influencer marketing is an effective strategy for brands, but guidelines need to be clearer.  Thirty-seven percent of respondents in our survey shared that their business has invested in influencer marketing.

More and more brands turn to video content. Facebook still leads the way.
Just 14.5 percent of businesses don’t publish any video content — down from 25 percent in our 2018 survey. More than one-third (36 percent) publish video content monthly, with around one quarter (24 percent) publishing video content weekly.

The majority of brands don’t, and have no plans to, use IGTV.
IGTV was launched back in June 2018, and despite some incredible content from a host of launch partners and creators like National Geographic and LaurDIY, it has yet to catch on as a platform for the majority of brands to share content.

Social media is a key part of marketing strategies, yet nearly 20 percent are unsure how to measure effectiveness.

Social media marketing has been around for many years now, and the majority of marketers see it as an important part of their overall strategy. Fifty-eight percent of marketers say social media is “Very important”, with 30 percent saying it’s “Somewhat important”.

Tips on How to Optimize Your Photos & Videos For Social Media

Did you know humans are 93% visual. Two-thirds of stimuli reach the brain through the visual system and our brain processes visual information 60,000 times faster than text alone."

Facebook users are sharing 684,478 pieces of content per minute. Each day, there are more than 500 million Tweets processed on Twitter and 80 million photos posted to Instagram. With such an influx of content on social media, it’s more difficult than ever for brands to stand out and get noticed.- Via Convince and Convert. 

Ok, so let's talk about a few ways to start optimizing your photos and videos - also don't forget how powerful mobile video is: "Mobile video usage has increased by nearly 10 million daily viewing minutes in the last two years."

When using your photos and videos, remember the following tips, these will help you to start formulating your shots, and videos.  You basically become your own producer and director. 

1.  Tell a story. People love being transported to someone elses' life. 
2.  Take your audience behind the scenes.
3.  Be sure to optimize #Hashtags, (we mentioned this on the last post) 
4.  Be unique to your brand, authenticity builds more loyalty with audiences. 

To learn more or consult on how best to approach gaining quality photos and videos, reach out to margaret at margaret fontana dot com 

Personal Branding: Why it Matters More Than Ever.

"Personal branding is essentially the ongoing process of establishing a prescribed image or impression in the mind of others about an individual, group, or organization. Personal branding often involves the application of one's name to various products." - WIKIPEDIA

It's more important than ever to manage and own your personal brand.  Today we are all on digital media and own some type of profile on the many types of social media profiles.  If you're not managing your personal profile, someone else will.  

Some of the benefits to creating a personal brand can help you in these areas:
  • stand out from your competitors
  • increase your brand awareness
  • advertise your expertise
  • expand your network 
  • build your audience 
  • recruit employees 
  • find the right partners

The best way to start creating your personal brand is to claim and build your social media networks, this essentially will build trust with your audience and will be more likely to purchase a service or convert to a consumer. 

To learn more on how best to start your personal brand strategy email me at margaret at margaret fontana dot com 

Here are some great articles on building your brand:

3 Tips To Promote Your Film πŸŽ₯ Using Social Media - New Podcast!

Creating a social media strategy is the key πŸ”‘ in finding an supportive audience for your film project.

 1. Photos- Take #BTS (Behind the Scenes) photos and lots of them, publish them throughout production with thoughtful captions. Be sure to use #trending hashtags.

 2. Video- Using your smartphone, take cast and crew brief videos, highlighting either characters, plot, special guests, locations and themes. Videos perform the best for reach & Engagement in most social media platforms.
 3. Social ambassadors - ask your cast & crew to promote your film 🎞 during pre and post production. Be sure they’re resharing content and using your branded film hashtag.

 Want to learn more on how to promote your film without breaking the budget?
πŸ“§Contact Status

 Listen to my podcast here:


Union's Van Gogh's Ear Cafe Hosts Celebrated Actor Ed Asner for Film Shoot

New Podcast - The Power of Social Media - How to Use Social Media To Promote Your Brand Message, Cause and Products.

Listen to "Using Video In Your Digital Marketing Strategy" by Margaret FONTANA Media Podcast ⚓

Listen to my latest podcast show as I talk about the importance of video and why you should be using it in your digital marketing strategy.
‘Videos generate the most reach on Facebook, the most engagement on Twitter, lead to more purchases on Pinterest and inspire more sharing Ljnkedin.’ - via Social Media Today.

5 Podcasts Every Digital Marketing Pro Should Be Listening To: Margaret Fontana Media Featured

Thank you Deirdre Lopian PR for including the Margaret Fontana Media Podcast show in this exclusive list. 

・・・"Whether you are new to digital marketing, a seasoned pro, or a DIYer there is endless amounts of digital marketing content at our disposal.  But trying to read blogs, watch webinars and attend conferences can be time consuming on top of our daily workload. This is why podcasts are recommended as one of the most effective channels for digital marketers to stay educated, informed and inspired." 

Click here to read about the full feature: 

To listen to the Margaret Fontana Media Podcast go here:

Margaret Fontana Media Launches the 'FilmMaker Forum' Today! - An Exclusive Members Only Facebook Group - Latest in Film Production, Film Marketing , PR, and Film News & Events.

Union, NJ -- Margaret Fontana Media launches the 'Film Forum' group on Facebook, an exclusive arts group created to help to support filmmakers, writers, DPs, creative directors, marketing, PR, musicians, and all creative artists, etc on gaining knowledge and high level materials from other colleagues in the arts.   To learn more about this exclusive inner group on Facebook, please click here to join: GROUP 

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New Podcast! - Learning The Future of Voice Search & Sonic Branding

1. 50% of all searches will be voice searches by 2020, per comScore. (Is it even a post about voice search if you don’t lead with this stat??)
2. About 30% of all searches will be done without a screen by 2020, per Gartner.
3. 13% of all households in the United States owned a smart speaker in 2017, per OC&C Strategy Consultants. That number is predicted to rise to 55% by 2022
Via wordstream - .
Learn more click on my podcast all about the importance of Voice Technology and Search: 

How To Establish Key Elements of an Effective Social Media Marketing Strategy