"Learning By Doing: Rider University Students Take Over Social Media at #HMHWomenRock Event" - A Great Partnership!

Another great partnership with Rider University and Professor Kathy Magrino's Publicity Methods class.  This year we partnered to enhance our social media ambassador influence with an entire class of Rider students majoring in media, public relations, digital media and communications.  I participated in SKYPE classes with the students leading up to the event to discuss pre-production, strategy, event run down and how we would cover the 'story.'  Each student was assigned an area and role such as 'producer,'  the goal of the social media embassy as we call it, was to increase our reach, awareness and branding of the event utilizing video, text, and all content onto different broadcast mediums such as SnapChat, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest.     The students performed amazingly and even taught us some new things about using social media.   Overall, the event and reach was successful.  For more on the details and write up please visit Professor Magrino's post here:  http://thewriteway.com/


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