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New Podcast Interview: Interview w/ Lead Interior Designer: Tina Delia of Delia Designs

Watch my latest Digital Media Trends Update - Clubhouse, Twitter Spaces, Facebook & More


New Podcast Interview - Interview w/ Rob Thorp: Filmmaker & Writer at Rucksack Films


Margaret Fontana Media Digital Trends Update

 Listen in to my latest update all about Clubhouse, Instagram changes, YouTube shorts, and lastly my biggest take away: “diversify where you’re distributing your content! Don’t put your eggs in one basket!”

How to Create a Social Media Marketing Content Plan


1. Define your target audience.

2. Decide how you will measure success. (KPIS)

3. Choose the right platform to use.

4. Research content topics that may relate to your niche.

5. Choose quality over quantity assets and copy.

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