How To Get More Out of Your Content

How To Get More Out of Your Content

Here's a break down to see exactly how many people visit the most popular platforms.

  • Facebook has 2.5 billion monthly users
  • YouTube gets 2 billion people logging in every month.
  • Instagram, which is also owned by Facebook, sees 1 billion unique visitors each month.
  • Twitter sees about 330 million visitors every month.

In order to appeal to those consumers, creating content that will grab their attention and provide them value will be a priority for brand's and personal businesses moving forward. 

Here are top 4 areas to consider when producing content and increasing the usability of your content across media features. 

1. Use Your Social Media Channels to Amplify & Increase Your Content Reach⁣

2. Start a podcast or take your content and media news put it to audio on a podcast or start utilizing Twitter Threads and Audio Tweets.⁣

3. Add your press releases or latest podcast, news, or articles to your email signature, or if you're trying to grow your email list add text and language to the same signature.⁣

4. Add video to your social media content and or start filming your next podcast or record your top expert or leader discussing your latest news, press, etc. Video can then be amplified off Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, IGTV and more.⁣

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