Why I Started The Margaret Fontana Media Podcast

A little over a year ago I started a podcast.  I called it the Margaret Fontana Media Podcast Show I started reading more information and research on digital trends and how podcasting would become the next big thing. So I wanted to make sure I knew every aspect of production, marketing and technical details as I could before I brought it into my professional world either as a new trend to recommend and or even to know how to produce it if someone wanted to produce it.

I started from the bottom (literally like the Drake song) and figured out how to get my voice onto a platform using an audio platform. I researched a ton of articles from the big players in digital media like  Joe Rogan, Amy Porterfield and Gary Vaynerchuk and realized everyone was producing at different levels.  So I started experimenting, if you actually listen to my podcasts, I always emphasize the importance of experimenting in digital media.  This space changes so much and technology changes daily so you really have to have an open mind and creative bandwidth to try it all.   So getting back to the actual production details, I followed the advice of one expert who said, hey you know that awesome, expensive phone you own.. thats a microphone, use it.  So I did, the sound quality on your iPhone is amazing and its really quite easy to transfer audio files seamlessly to most platforms.

I started out by using SoundCloud because at the time, I wanted to start gauging whether or not my topics or episodes were resonating with anyone and whether or not I had listeners.  The reason to be on Soundcloud  at the time for me was because at the time Apple Podcasts did not have analytics.  I eventually graduated to Apple Podcasts, and now have a syndicated connections across multiple platforms including Spotify.  The reason I'm sharing this is to say, A.) You should execute and practice what you preach in order to be a 'producer.' I think its important to actually get in the production trenches before you make that suggestion or 'pretend' you know how to produce including for a podcast.   B.)  Podcast listening is growing at a very fast rate, and this should be included as part of your content strategy either for you brand, product or service. One-third of the population reported having listened to a podcast in the last month, representing 90 million monthly listeners.

I encourage you write down your theme or topic idea,  then literally go into your voice memo app on your iPhone and start recording yourself on a subject you know very well.  Then listen back, you will find that you are in fact the expert.  Once you've gone through this exercise you may be ready to start your podcast.   There should be a plan, strategy and obviously good topics in this plan, if you want support in producing this, contact me. margaret at margaret fontana dot com