Impact Producing For Media Events - 'Rider students take over promotion for local filmmaker's documentary'

Margaret Fontana, Joseph A. Halsey
Owner Seven13 Films & Director Joseph A. Halsey
Guest Speaking Educator At Rider University

What an amazing experience to produce a screening event for a major documentary with the power of students supporting and learning how to produce live events, including pre-production, promotion and social media impact producing.   

"Magrino had the students split themselves into three teams: video production, social media and event planning. Each team has been responsible for all promotion related to their area. With guidance from Rider alumna Margaret Fontana '97, owner of Margaret Fontana Media, which is overseeing Seven13films' publicity, students have taken control of Seven13films' social media channels, coordinated a full event plan for the screening event and storyboarded, filmed and edited a five-minute trailer for the documentary series. 

The class embodies the principles of the University's Engaged Learning Program by providing rich, real-world learning experiences. As a communications alumna, Fontana understands the strong impact an experiential learning project can have for students.

"This experience is 100 percent a crash course in everything media production and events," she says. "I know if I were to take a course all over again, this would be this course."
An idea that may give pause to some professionals, Halsey, the film's director, says becoming a client for college students has been an asset to his film's publicity."