About Margaret Fontana Media

About Margaret Fontana Media:
Margaret Fontana Media provides media support in all areas of production, digital media, social media, PR, marketing, brand strategy, event and impact producing.  We work in areas of film, TV, small business, Fortune 500, personal brands, education, health care, finance, real estate and more.

About Margaret Fontana: 
Margaret Fontana is a broadcast media professional with storied reputation and experience throughout film, television and digital-driven broadcast industries. 

She has worked as a writer for various documentary and educational programming for Discovery Educational Channel as well as a producer in both talk television and documentary-style productions in the digital space. Fontana also led the digital media strategy for a Fortune 500 not-for-profit. 

In her "free" time, Margaret acts as a guest speaker and digital influencer while regularly presenting and teaching on media topics at Rider University and national digital conferences including Advertising Week in New York City. 

Email us for more information on how to get your business and brand to the top in all mediums.   margaret@margaretfontana.com 

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