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About Margaret Fontana: 
Margaret Fontana is an award winning media executive with a storied reputation and experience throughout not for profit, health care, film, media, television and digital-driven broadcast industries. 

Margaret has worked as a writer for various documentary and educational programs and as a producer in both talk television for NBC, Studios USA, Fox, Discovery Channel and independent documentary productions. Fontana's professional experience also spans over 10 years in corporate Fortune 500 not for profit, where she led the award winning digital media, web, paid advertising, content programming and video production strategies.  

Margaret is also the Founder of The Filmmaker Forum, an online resource and community for aspiring and experienced arts, media and filmmaking professionals. Students welcome as well. In keeping with her cultural first generation Italian roots, Margaret is also the Founder of another popular online community and blog called Italian American Girl with over 45,000 members across various social media networks.  The community has become an online networking resource for many Italian Americans to share educational stories, history, ancestry traditions and connections.  Margaret also features celebrities, musicians and filmmakers on the blog.  
Margaret is also the host of the self produced podcast called, The Margaret Fontana Media Podcast Show, featuring topics in media, film, digital marketing and more.  (Available on iTunes, Spotify and more)  

In her "free" time, Margaret acts as a guest speaker and digital influencer while regularly presenting and teaching on media topics at Rider University and national digital conferences including Advertising Week in New York City. 

Margaret also enjoys contributing her time to the James R. Halsey Foundation of the Arts, a local NJ non-profit working to support arts education programs in Trenton, N.J.  The foundation guides students in learning about filmmaking, the arts and business to further their skills for career development.

Margaret leads social media and public relations for the The Ashley Lauren Foundation, which provides hope & help for children with cancer throughout New Jersey.

Email:  margaret@margaretfontana.com