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Guest Teaching at Rider University This Semester 'Producing Content for Social Media & How To Produce a Podcast'

If you know me, you know I love to teach and teach all things about one of my favorite topics, social media/ content and podcasting.. its basically one topic because in today's digital economy all of these elements work in conjunction with one another.  I'll be working with the Rider University Communication class online breaking down the podcast process and how to position and package content for social media.  I will be teaching the students my high level process and how to produce a podcast from start to finish, which includes scripting, interviewing, writing, recording and marketing.   Stay tuned as we develop the episode this Spring with our students.  Thank you to Professor Kathy Magrino for this awesome opportunity to spend time and share what I love at my alma mater. 

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Program & Promote Your Content Like a TV 📺 Show!

Promoting your brand content daily on different social media platforms requires new content often, a great way to execute on this strategy is to turn the camera on yourself and start producing content for each platform you own. If you own a business, brand or provide services put a strategy in motion and use your content Ike a TV show. What’s on the show today? Keep your consumers and audience engaged this may result in sales, brand awareness and or attendance if you’re promoting an event.