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Social media trends 2023


Why Digital PR is important for your brand, business and or organization

 Listen to Why Digital PR is important for your brand, business and or organization

Getting Your Content On Point With The Three C's!

New! How To Get Your Content Strategy On Point.

πŸ”†It’s all about the three c’s

🎧🀍Tune in each week to get the latest in lifestyle, brand, media and marketing topics.

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How to Grow Your Social Media Following

Learn the basic foundational elements to building your brand online and then growing your following. Quality vs. quantity is extremely important when building a reputable brand or business.

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New Data Trends Facebook, Instagram, Reddit, Youtube, & TikTok

 Catch my latest podcast episode where I'm discussing the latest data trends happening across all social media platforms.  Also adding to the conversation is social audio, seeing an increase across all platforms for this new innovative tool and the possibilities that come along with it. 

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How & Why To Start A Podcast 🎧

“Did you know by 2022, it’s estimated podcast listening will grow to 132 million people in the US alone” — Statista’ —Tune in as I give a concise summary on the important elements on producing a successful podcast. 

New Podcast Episode - Interview with Executive Producer Laura Chavez of Exit 19


Laura Chavez is an award winning producer and journalist. She began her broadcast career in Washington, DC as a reporter and producer for several local channels then moved into a role at a major network. 

During her time in news she covered landmark moments in history like the 2008 Inauguration of President Barack Obama, Hurricane Sandy, Shooting at the Navy Yard in Washington, DC, and many more. After 8 years, she transitioned out of news and into docu-series and branded content work for networks like Discovery, HGTV, FYI, A&E, Food Network and others. She has continued in both spaces focusing her work on storytelling for major nonprofits, like Childhelp and WeCOACH, while broadening her journalistic abilities with the "Matter of Fact with Soledad O'Brien's Listening Tour" and other lifestyle based docu-series. Most recently she joined Exit19 as a Managing Partner and their Executive Producer. She splits her time between Chicago and Washington, D.C.

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Latest Digital & Social Media News

Tune in as I discuss the latest news and features with TikTok, Instagram Reels, LinkedIn Stories, IGTV captions and more. Find out what’s next for digital 2021!


How to Use Social Media For Crisis Communication

‪Listen 🎧 to the most recent episode of my podcast: ‘How to Use Social Media for Crisis Communication’ The power of social media allows your brand to communicate and keep your consumers informed and updated during times of crisis or catastrophic events. The benefits of social media also include real time notifications, intervention, awareness and post event safety checks.

Social Media Marketing

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Latest Margaret Fontana Media Podcast Show Episodes

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Why Use Video In Your Content Strategy?

"In 2020, about 72% of customers would rather learn about a product or service through videos, and Cisco predicted that video will even make up 82% of all internet traffic in 2021." - More

Learn how using video can improve your content strategy, click on my podcast below. In this episode I started talking about using video back from 2017 and the predictions for up to 2020, the element to note is that online video consumption is increasing by day due to newer technologies on each platform, this conversation on video is ongoing.  If you're not using video, time to start producing video content.  

Top 3 Most Played Podcast Episodes From 2019

The Power πŸ’₯ of Social Media-How to Use Social Media To Promote Your Brand Message, Cause, & Product.

  Tips for Increasing Your Social Media Engagement πŸ‘©‍πŸ’»πŸ“Š

What’s Your Story? πŸ“š Learn Why It’s So Important.