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In Production - New Docuseries "Common Ground" - Teens and Law Enforcement Come Together To Talk

Over the last year, we've been in production for a docuseries called, 'Common Ground." We dove deep into the social issues plaguing inner cities surrounding crime, violence, race, and negative police interactions.  The docuseries we are filming focuses on the healing and positive interactions between the community and law enforcement. Learn more and stay tuned on how we start to hear and see more positive conversations and begin the healing of our local communities.

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Seven13 Films Presents Docuseries Sizzle Reel For Film 'Common Ground' Premieres on Youtube

#HappySunday - Spend some time with us and check out our latest sneak peak sizzle reel for "Common Ground,” an important #docuseries featuring Trenton law enforcement and teens coming together to discuss controversial interactions, gun violence in their local neighborhoods, trust between cops and the community and how to start building positive common ground solutions for future generations.