New Year, New Social Media Strategy

The  biggest question that usually comes up for most brands and businesses is how to make their goals and strategy better over time, especially in the New Year when goals are set and benchmarks need to be met.   With technology and digital consumption changing on a daily basis its hard to know where to put your resources and budgets for advertising. The ways to tackle this is to do your research on your audiences and where they're consuming your content, which type of content, on which platforms, for how long and why and are they buying a product, your service or perhaps just returning for more information? (which may also be a good thing for brand awareness.)  Wow, lots of questions and research to do.

The bulk of work in preparing for a strategic social media strategy is based on research and your data.  Obviously this isn't always the sexiest, but in the end when you're prepared and able to provide value to your consumers and audience you are ultimately satisfying a need for them, which then produces results. (conversions = sales, calls, brand awareness, etc.)  A lot of this seems overwhelming when it's just you running a business or brand, the good thing is most social media platforms today provide very robust analytics and if you have someone working with you or for you for this purpose-- have them prepare basic analytics and research on your current audience interactions-- Not engagement, that's not a real metric and does not convert. (drop the microphone here)  Look at visits, LIKES, cities, most popular content, demographics, etc.

Here's a brief go to list on how to best approach your 2020 social media  strategy: 
  • Focus on less likes and more traffic.
  • Review your analytics and how your content is performing, this will enable to create better content tailored for your audience. 
  • Investigate engaging with influencer marketers, including micro influencers. 
  • Test paid ads and which platform performs best for you and your content.
  • Become aware of privacy and security concerns. 
  • Explore Facebook groups and how it could benefit your brand, product or service. 
  • Use more video to highlight your company, brand, product or event. 

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