The Importance of Your Online Branding

Margaret Fontana of
Margaret Fontana Media
photo by Margaret Casperson 

Creating new content often and consistently is an important element to maintaining a successful online presence.  What you portray and package for your brand is ultimately how and why other company's and or brands want to do business with you.    A great way to keep your content fresh and consistent is to schedule photos and videos either of you, your team or your brand's features and stories.   Some other important things to remember are most consumers will online research first before they even get to you, so where is the number one place they do that..?  Google of course.   Make sure you are tagging, adding captions, so Google can index your photos and properly serve them up when someone does a search in your field, service or product.  Remember in today's world of algorithms and online reputation, a picture is worth a thousand a words or a thousand or more dollars, you want to create value and obviously you want more than a thousand, LOL.  That's the expression.

Here's a brief summary from Social Media Today that outlines a bit more on this topic of personal branding. 

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