In Partnership with Margaret Fontana Media - Seven13 Films and Rider University Youth Symposium with Trenton Mayoral Candidates.

Margaret Fontana With Joseph A. Halsey of Seven13 Films 

The role of impacting producing has increasingly become one of the most important jobs in the production world next to Director, DP, and notable others.

What is impact producing? This role has most recently evolved due to the nature of the digital and online world surrounding broadcast and distribution in the film and media industries. The need for someone who knows public relations, partnerships, community organizing, event production, marketing, brand strategy, media landscape and social media. This past year I partnered with Seven13 films for a few projects all taking on the role as impact producer. The Rider event allowed us to explore more areas of production, marketing and not for profit partnerships. Here's more on the film:

Margaret Fontana With Joseph A. Halsey of Seven13 Films 

Directed and produced by Joseph A. Halsey and written and produced by Lee Kolinsky, of Seven13 Films, the docuseries
Generation Change was created with a mission to increase social awareness about issues affecting our local youth. The film features Good Morning America’s Adrienne Bankert and youths from the organization PEI Kids of Trenton, N.J.

Our goal for this screening event involved many moving pieces ultimately to partner with a media class at Rider University to allow for the student to grow and gain a sense of experiential learning in producing and promoting a live screening event. The second goal was to engage the local community to create dialogue on current social issues. These issues were the very platform each Mayoral candidate was campaigning.

 Overall, we surpassed our expectations due to the overwhelming positive response we received from higher education, political spheres, media, and community sectors. The students produced one of the best events, which ultimately landed us on the front page of the Trentonian, next day.

To recap, what is impact producing? The goal is to create a positive impact by bringing all the moving pieces together and creating a cohesive, strategic initiative.